2024-7: eckoGov WalletConnect Integration

Cycle: 2024-7

Title: eckoGov WalletConnect Integration

Proposal Owner: k:eab5e1afef8dcaa02dfa7a0797427aeaa01cd1d0045993590f220f15914000be

Proposal Id: yq1zVA8z_GFqp4UG18flGyqDd_14u6d8dW3Q-u5iy7U

Proposal Contract: n_a8dcd1dcdb7454dc6f29828feff9cd86c6546d12.ecko-dao on chain 2

Start Date: Jul 15,2024 00:00:00 UTC

End Date: Jul 21,2024 00:00:00 UTC

Minimum Quorum Percentage: 5.00 %

Quorum (VP): 22,117.39 VP

Majority Percentage: 50.00 %


This proposal aims to integrate WalletConnect into eckoGOV existing wallet interface to enhance user experience and security. This integration will leverage the current wallet abstraction for dApp interactions, promoting wider adoption and improved user engagement, especially among mobile wallet users.

Project Purpose and Objectives

Purpose: To integrate WalletConnect with eckoGOV, improving security and user experience for wallet interactions on the platform.


  • Seamlessly integrate WalletConnect into the existing eckoGOV wallet interface.
  • Enhance security for wallet interactions.
  • Promote the adoption of WalletConnect within the eckoGOV ecosystem, particularly among mobile wallet users.

Background and Context

WalletConnect is a popular protocol for connecting wallets to dApps, widely used across various blockchain platforms.

Problem statement: eckoGOV users need a secure and convenient way to connect their wallets to the platform's services.

Unique value proposition: By integrating WalletConnect, eckoGOV will offer a secure, seamless, and widely recognized solution for wallet connections, enhancing user experience and trust. With over 10,000 downloads of eckoWALLET on Android, this integration will particularly benefit mobile wallet users.

Project Scope and Timeline

Scope: The project involves integrating WalletConnect into the existing eckoGOV wallet interface, leveraging the current wallet abstraction for dApp interactions, and ensuring compatibility with existing systems.


  • Week 1: Initial integration and testing
  • Week 2: Beta launch and user feedback
  • Week 3: Full integration and final adjustments
  • Week 4: Full launch


Development Team Compensation: $900 in KDX (Milestone 1: 200$, Milestone 2: 200$, Milestone 3: 500$)

The total amount will be distributed among the developers based on their contributions in the project.

Expected Outcomes and Benefits

Direct outcomes: A fully-integrated WalletConnect feature within the eckoGOV platform.

Ecosystem benefits: Improved user experience and security, leading to increased adoption and user engagement within the eckoGOV ecosystem.

Performance Metrics and Milestones

Performance metrics: Successful integration, positive user feedback, platform uptime.


  • Initial integration completion
  • Beta launch
  • Full launch

Team and Experience

Team members: The current eckoDAO dev team, with possible assistance from the eckoWALLET team.

Relevant experience: Team members have extensive experience in blockchain technology and have successfully implemented security protocols and integrations in previous projects.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Risks: Technical challenges, user adoption, integration issues.

Mitigation strategies: Employing experienced developers, extensive testing phases, user feedback loops.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

No eckoDAO team members have personal or financial interests in the WalletConnect project.

Supporting Documents

Technical documentation, user interface designs, and integration plans will be provided upon request.

Please share your thoughts and feedback on this proposal in the comments below.

Personally im all for it. A lot of people are used to wallet connect in other eco-systems. Giving them a familiar option to do stuff is always great.


I think this is a very good idea that will help you acquire new users.


I think this is great and a suitable use of treasury funds


Great idea! I believe this proposal is not only fair but also well-balanced.

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